Barry Amateur Radio Association

BARA is an amateur radio club in Barry county Michigan.

A List of weekly nets held by BARA

Weekly Nets

6 meter SSB Net
Tuesday 7:30pm

Every Tuesday evening at 7:30pm (except on BARA club meeting night which is the 3rd Saturday of every month) on 50.140 MHZ using USB. Net control operator is usually Jay (Floyd) KD8LNO.

Fusion C4FM Net
Wednesday 7:30pm
K8BMI 442.725mhz +5mhz

Every Wednesday evening at 7:30pm on the K8BMI Yaesu Fusion repeater 442.725 mhz,  5 mhz positive offset (no tone needed for digital mode). Please use only digital mode for this net. Net control operator is usually Jim AC8AZ.

YL Net
Thursday 7:00pm
Simplex 146.56mhz

The ladies get together on the club simplex 30 minutes  before the club-wide net -7:00PM -to talk about knitting, sewing or what ever comes up from a ladies point of view. It’s the Ham Radio version of a “girls night out”.  Net control operator is usually Jean KC8UJA.

BARA Multi-Band Net
Thursday 7:30pm
Simplex 146.56mhz
K8JRY 146.840mhz -600khz
K8BMI 442.725mhz +5mhz

Join us on the club frequency 146.560 mhz simplex for the first round at 7:30 PM  each Thursday for the weekly BARA net. After the first round of comments, we QSY (change frequency) to the K8JRY repeater on 146.840 mhz, 600 khz negative offset, 94.8 PL tone, for the second round. After the K8JRY repeater round, we go  to the BARA  K8BMI Yaesu Fusion repeater on 442.725 mhz,  5 mhz positive offset, 94.8  PL tone, (please use analog mode) for the wrap up. Net control operator is usually Ron KC8SFQ